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He is very lit and handsome. Everyone wants this guy as their boyfriend. He tends to be very sexy and gets all the ladies. He is intelligent and will fight someone who messes with him or somebody he loves. He tries to make a good impression even it may not seem like he is one. He is a bad ass bitch that everyone wants to be. He is very social to others and is like a "mayor". Justin is someone you want to be friends with. You DON'T want to be enemies.
Justin is such a bad ass, but sweet guy.
by StylishGirl March 14, 2017

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An amazing girl who is always making people laugh. She is a very good listener and is a joker. She cheers people up when they are sad and is very elegant and beautiful.
Grace is the nicest person I have ever met.
by StylishGirl December 25, 2016

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