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"STROBEL" is derived from the words... Superb Techniques Romancing Of Beautiful Eligant Ladies..... The name was made famous over the years as being the one responsible for Pretty woman wanting to become Beautiful women just in hope that a man named Strobel would be thier Knight in Shinning Armor
Kylee My God!!!Julie! Did You see that dream of a Man Strobel last night???
Julie Ohhh!! Yeesss!!!! Every time I see him working on our swimming pool I get so wet,,, and its not because I went for a swim
by Strobe the Probe March 23, 2009

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A fine specimen of the female you or anyone like you might see on any given day hanging with Strobe the Probe the famous dirty ole man in Hays Ks that makes Horse's cry or hide their head in shame, A Choice Grade A .
Chas John Boy !! Did you see that "Strobalicious" sitting on the Probe's lap last night????
John Boy Did I??? She was hotter than a crack pipe
by Strobe the Probe March 23, 2009

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