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A mobile handheld gaming system created by Sony. Stands for "PlayStation Portable". Is capable of playing movies, MP3's, viewing images, and playing games. Hackers have found a way to use a hidden browser included in the game "WipEout: Pure" to use services such as Internet browsing and instant messaging. This is possible with a wi-fi connection using the built-in IEEE 802.11b IO device. Multiplayer gaming also uses this device to allow 16 players to connect through Ad-hoc mode. In the future, Sony will release firmware updates that include a browser and other PDA type functions.

It has a large 4.3 inch 16:9 Widescreen display capable of displaying 16.77 million colors. The refresh rate however isn't so great and sudden rapid movements cause light ghosting to occur.

With the screen brightness on level 2 and the volume at 50%, you can average out at about 5 hours of game time depending on the game.

A 333 MHz processor and 32 MB of RAM allow the PSP to create graphics no other handheld gaming device can compare to.

Sleek styling, sharp graphics, and many features make this the best choice for a gamer on the go, or tech freak.
The Nintendo DS is a great device but the 23 year old design (Do a google image search for "Multi-Screen Game & Watch") and 10 year old graphics make it a 2nd choice for most gamers.
by Striker.Pwn.J00 May 17, 2005
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Pretty neat phone that includes:

Tri-band Phone (Side Talkin')
176 x 208 pixel screen (4096 colors)
Symbian OS 60
Intel processor
SMS Text messaging
E-mail (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, MIME2)
RealOne Player
Image Viewer
Java Enabled XHTML Web Browser
Music Player (MP3, AAC)
FM Radio
3rd Party Software
Emulators (NES, SNES, etc.)
Modem for PC internet access
And of course the PS/N64 quality games
The N-Gage is a pretty good cell phone hated by fanboys.
by Striker.Pwn.J00 January 04, 2005
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