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Whilst asleep, He is awake. Truly Yapanese, He nonetheless lives on the other side of the globe. Teacher in Northern Francia, and professor at Hogwarts. He is the sun in the night.
Nay, pardon my mistake.
He is nothing but the Sun

SILENCE, young student. Let the master speak. Let the Universe listen
Guy 1: You know what's great with english? 'élève' and 'étudiant' are the same!
Guy 2: Woah, careful there young lad. Don't you dare utter heretic words in His presence.
Guy 1: Come on, the Yandy Nickbar cannot-
Guy 2: IS THAT A COFFEE CUP IN YOUR HAND? Dang flabbit, we are doomed.

*Sunlight suddenly shines on their dumbfounded faces*
by StridingClairia November 24, 2021