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A command that is blurted out, usually angrily, by one individual to another as a condemnation of the latter's behaviour, actions or poor choice of words. Those who indict another with such a phrase normally do so if the said individual has severely offended or insulted them, and are calling upon the individual to think about what they have done and atone for their lack of judgement.

Variations of this phrase, such as "Check yo self foo!" and "Check yo self before ya wreck yo self" are also used to communicate the same message: correct your behaviour (idiot/before you get in trouble)
Check yo self before ya wreck yo self. them shotgun bullets are bad fo' ya health!
by Street Shakespeare December 10, 2010

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The exhibition of respect or recognition owed to someone for having performed a certain deed or task worthy of such praise. This is normally exhibited by the giver of the props'raising his fist to knock it gently against the fist of that whom is receiving the 'props'. For extraordinary deeds offering even more than usual praise, "mad props" can be used
"Yo, props for bringing the Air Mattress to the pool, I would've never thought of that."

"You managed to score us some hockey tickets! Props!"

"Yo! Mad Props homee for them rhymes you just spit! They was mad ill dawg!!
"Nice goal. Props."
by Street Shakespeare January 18, 2007

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To discharge a round of ammunition from a firearm, usually a handgun.
"Fuck wit me, and I'll bust a cap in yo ass, biatch!!"
"That fool was disrespectin' a brutha so I had to straight bust a cap in his ass!"
by Street Shakespeare December 05, 2006

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To light up a marijuana cigarette(joint) off to the side of a trail on a ski hill.
Skier stoner: (noticing his snowboarding friend stash a zip-loc bag full of marijuana in his winter jacket) Damn Son! We about to hit the slopes for the first time this year, we might as well spark that shit now to mark this special occasion.

Snowboarder stoner: HEEELL no bro! We enjoying this joint on the rocks!!
by Street Shakespeare December 14, 2010

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