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A store where teens go to express their rebellion against "THE MAN" and individuality and nonconformity by spending $75 on the same thing all there friends are wearing.

The store sells upon stereotypes of a certain genre or scene and builds a fashion base around it.

They claim to be "Everything About the Music" yet sell mainly Nintendo retro and otaku based shirts. While they do have a large array of band shirts, atleast 10 of them are by the same band, whichever is most marketable at the time.

Also there you can find a good deal of "anarchy" items for anywhere from $10-25.

In 2004 alone, Hot Topic's revenue was $656,470,000.

If you really want to be rebellious and original, pick up a needle and thread and hit up a thrift store.
Bob is rebellious because he shops at Hot Topic to be different and an individual unlike the fashion sheep of the jocks and preps. However, Hot Topic is just as popular as The Gap or Abercrombie. So instead of rebelling, you are simply conforming to Orv Madden's empire.
by StratusX February 28, 2006

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