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A poor label for people who actually care about this special breed of dogs. Pit bulls can be man's loving and faithful best friend if treated right. The people given this label often work with rescue groups to save innocent dogs from a holocaust of their own. Many pit bulls die every year because of mankind, the term "Pit Nutter" has been given to those who save countless lives. Many saved pit bulls have gone on to become therapy dogs, registered Canine Good Citizens with AKC, and amazing additions to families all over.
"What a beautiful dog you have, what kind is she?"

"She's a pit bull we rescued from a high kill shelter."

"So then are you a pit nutter?"

"If you mean someone who rescues dogs from judgement of the ignorant, then yes I love this breed. I believe any dog of any breed can be good or bad, it all depends on the owner."
by Storm6411 August 16, 2011

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