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A term used as a greeting, an insult or comeback, a conversation filler (to fill an awkward silence) and a game by adding a word to the sentence. Coined by Cameron, also known as Camen bu in March 2013. Also used as "I don't even know you!," this version is generally when spoken by really white people.
Person 1: Hey Bob, how you been?
Bob: I don't know you!

Person 1: Bob, that was a terrible speech.
Bob: Bro, I don't care what you think, I don't even know you!

Conversation filler (fill an awkward silence)
Person 1: Bob, will you go out with me?
(Awkward Silence)
Bob: I don't know you!

Person 1: Bob, I don't know you!
Bob: I really don't know you!
Person 1: I really don't even know you!
Bob: I really totally don't even know you!
Person 1: You win Bob.
by StoogeKebab June 9, 2013
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