1 definition by Stonermaaaaaan

A person who finds a way to smoke weed every day without fail, unless they actually can't get hold of any ganja. A true stoner can be of any race or species as long as they follow the one rule above.

Some people may mis-interpret an occasional weed smoker as a stoner, but they are incorrect.
A stoner typically consists of a calm, harmless personality, an easy going daily routine and an incredibly laid back way of life.

If a stoner cannot get hold of any weed, the typical personality traits could turn opposite to the usual. A stoner may become stressed, angry and very impatient.

A True Stoner knows they are a Stoner and are PROUD to be a Stoner.

"what do you wanna do today maan?"

"Got any gwaaan?"

"nahh man you?"

"yeeboii lets go roll a fatty!"

"yeeeeman! what you doing tomorrow?"

"Getting stoooooned maan"

"yeeeeman saaafe gimme a dingle and well meet up for some fatty bifts"

- true stoner
by Stonermaaaaaan February 16, 2011