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A cross between a redneck and a hillbilly, but just a bit dumber!
What a "Honyock"!
by Stone June 11, 2003
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Alec Phillips and his mad droppage of classes
Me: Yo Phillips whats the Econ hw? O wait you dropped
by stone March 19, 2003
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The name given to my cabin in Southeast Ohio. A hunting/fishing/drinking establishment!
As he sat in the local bar (Walter's) drinking his Bud Light and staring at the biggest mooseknuckle he'd ever seen....he said "Weez...I have the name for your cabin....the "Mooseknuckle Lodge"
by Stone June 11, 2003
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Beegee - a hairy cunt.

As in the pop group, since they all are. Can be used both of the female genetalia or a person.
Haha, she drinks real ale! I bet she's a beegee.

Fuck off and get a haircut, beegee.
by Stone December 07, 2004
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