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(n.) The unfortunate combination of a 3-1/2 hour drive to Lake Tahoe, coffee, Carl's Jr's breakfast burger and a 7500' change in elevation leading to an urgent, and often violent, assault on the ski resort's nasty bathroom.

"Dude, where ya going? You don't even have your boots on yet?"
"Just leave me the keys and I'll catch up w/ya'll in a couple runs...I've got a Tahoe Mudslide workin and I'm afraid to fart"
by StinkTaco February 26, 2008
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(n.) The fictional spider used to lure curious roommates, girlfriends, siblings, etc into an utterly destroyed bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, the door is closed and forcibly held while they get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
"Hey, you've gotta come see this bathroom spider...you ever seen one like this?"
(Curiosity brings them into the room to investigate...and you close the door behind them)
"So where is it? Oh you sunova bitch (coughing), I can taste your ass and I think my nose is bleeding! Lemme outta here...I'll do anything!"
by StinkTaco March 04, 2008
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The unit of measurement for quantifying the level of visible ass crack based on the number of thawed hot dogs that could be stuck into the exposed ass crack.
"Damn...why doesn't that fat ass just wear a belt?"
"No shit...that's at least a three dogger."
by StinkTaco February 27, 2008
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