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The most influential fictional idea ever created. The concept of God was and is used to control weak and stupid people who are too scared to accept the fact that when we die it's all over. Power hungry people take advantage of this greatest fear and offer a solution. The weak and stupid people are so desperate for a solution that they cling to it despite it's numerous flaws because it's the only "chance" they have to avoid eternal death. However in order to be worthy of God's grace, you have to do certain things. These things became the first laws which were set to control the masses. Wars, murders, rapes, pillages, robbing, persecutions, and countless other horrible atrocities have been committed in the name of God to justify them. And despite all we have learned from the human pursuit of knowledge, and despite our general education system, people still believe in God. Out of fear.
If a non believer goes to church once, nothing will probably happen. However if that non believer goes every Sunday, a lie told often enough becomes the truth. In other words, the human mind will eventually believe something it knows it is not truth if it hears it often enough. This is how church works. Have you noticed that "sins" are mostly our natural urges? A person struggling against their natural urges is going to be confused, feel worthless, lose confidence, and will turn to their bishop/pastor for answers. The bishop has the answer, God. God can save this unworthy person if this person does this, this, this, and that. This is how people get controlled.
by StickyCh0pstick January 31, 2009
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