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A person who buys and uses Apple computers and products, or is otherwise "gay for Apple". Usually for one or more of the following reasons:
1) They enjoy paying $3000 for a laptop;
2) They heard somewhere that macs are better for multimedia applications (Please note that it is never a good idea to confront a macfag on this matter. They will not be able to produce any reason other then "because they are" and your head will explode.);
3) They think it will impress people at the coffee shop;
4) They enjoy being different;
5) They scoff at the idea of compatible software;
6) Because macs are available in pretty pastels.
Jim: "Hey you wanna go get a cup of coffee?"
Steve: "Nah that place is full of hipsters and macfags."
by SteveJ November 08, 2007

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