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Kingwood, the moderately wealthy suburb of Houston, is a largely anglo-saxon community with mostly christian residents. Within this community lies KHS, a formidable school that excells academically and athletically. Sadly, our varsity football team sucks. Anyway, the wealthier citzens live on golf-courses or in fenced communities. But by far, we hold a middle-class community. Rather monotone ethnically, we hold diverse social groups. These "groups" often pursue the same interests and music. Do not be persuaded to think we are all jocks clad in American Eagle and such. That would be a steriotypical assault on any 50,000+ population. And many Awesome Kick Ass Bands are listened to.
Kingwood, Texas. Kicks. Ass. Like. No. Other. Eat. It.
by Steriotypical Steriotypers Suck September 28, 2006
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