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I recall this from my own childhood in England. We would always become a "character" as we were playing. One day it might be "Rocketman" - another day it might be "Captain Fantastic" and another day it might be just a brown dirt cowboy. We could make up our own names, too.

Superman, Batman, the Lone Ranger, whomever.
by Steerforth July 23, 2010
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It's me again, Steerforth. Those of you who think Brown Dirt Cowboy refers to something gay are too young to appreciate what Bernie Taupin was talking about. It's as I said in #2. They are names made up by children when they were playing. We did it all the time. I liked to be Flash Gordon or Rocketman!

Captain Fantastic:

A children's game played in England in the 1960s.

The Brown Dirt Cowboy:

Probaby refers to Roy Rogers
There are links to prove the meaning of Brown Dirt Cowboy, but Urban Dictionary does not allow links in the definitions.

So much for proof and accuracy.
by Steerforth November 22, 2011
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A know-it-all individual found in chatrooms and Usenet newsgroups throughout the Internet who is a one-minute expert and authority on any given subject at any given time. According to their own reports, these people usually have IQs in the genius range and are members of Mensa.
John's mention of quantum theory brought a flurry of responses from Googlesperts in the newsgroup.
by Steerforth February 04, 2012
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