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My hometown team, which I love. The Penguins have a lot in common with the Chicago Bulls (unitl recently): both have a 1 man history (Jordan's Bulls/Mario's Pens). The Pens were up and down and had several different owners through 1980. Then, in '83, the sucky Penguins were rewarded with the ultimate prize: the greatest player to ever play, Mario Lemieux. Mario was incredible, but needed help for the team to win. In '90, they aquied players like Barrasso, Jagr, Francis, and Samuellson and ended up winning back to back Stanley Cups. But in the '90s, Mario had cancer and back issues, but Jagr, Francis, and Kasperitis stepped it up and the Penguins made the playoffs every year from '90 to '01. But bankruptcy is now the downfall of the Pens (Mario own them now), who have a crappy arena and can't afford anyone but crappy players. Please keep the Pens in Pittsburgh!
Keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh.
by SteelTown69 March 29, 2004

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