3 definitions by Stealyoface

The act of how individuals carry themselves in society who exhibit an average form of human behavior.
1: "Hey man you see how those fools are behaving? Those people be peoplin'.

2. We were in the crowd and all of a sudden we get passsed a joint, Randy turned to me and said, "you know that's pretty rad how they be peoplin'."
by Stealyoface October 10, 2021
An act of Giving the go-ahead to have someone's ass whooped.
Tim stole Debbie's stash from the drawer when she let him crash on the couch for the night, so her brother Dave called a greenlight on Tim.
by Stealyoface December 30, 2016
Snapchat users whom charge a fee for sex services via the app.
"Hey buy my premium snapchat and I'll show you my titties."
by Stealyoface December 2, 2018