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1. Origin is English. Name can be used for either gender; male or female.

2. A beautiful, classy name. Usually the name of a sweet, kind, wonderful woman.

However, there are exceptions. (See 3.)

3. A lying, cheating, disloyal, slutty home-wrecker. Tends to have short, frizzy hair because she bleaches and dyes it every other week. Dresses like an awkward teenager and doesn't know how to accessorize or match properly. Always looks stoned, probably because she is. Uses Halloween as an excuse to dress like a trashy whore, with her frumpy butt, cottage cheese thighs, and pudgy gut hanging out. Prefers guys in bands, but has no real standards and often sleeps with random men from clubs and bars. Also likes to make out with people of the same sex purely to get attention from the opposite sex. Despite her repulsive personality and boorish physical appearance, this Ashley is horridly arrogant. For some unknown reason she thinks she can model, and many pray that never happens because no one wants to look at her pathetic excuse for womanly curves any more than they already have to.

In the future, this particular type of Ashley will live alone with her dozen cats.
Girl 1: "Let's ask Ashley to go dancing with us!"
Girl 2: "Definitely! With her with us, we won't look nearly as slutty!"

Person 1: "Did you see that girl grinding on Don?"
Person 2: "Yeah, she's definitely an Ashely."
by StayAwayFromMyManPunkBitch December 14, 2010
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