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What men have to pay when they get screwed in a marriage.

--alimony, child support for maternity and paternity fraud, ex-wives’ attorneys’ fees, financial support of anti-male legislation and organizations, etc..
If you get married, there is a 50% chance you will have to pay a Gynotariff because feminazis think all men are evil.

When do you ever see a woman paying a gynotariff?

Not only will you have to ask permission to see YOUR child, but you will be broke and forced to pay a gynotariff because you got caught up with a trifling bitch

--Coined by Marc H. Rudov, the No-Nonsense man
by Starving Lazarus April 22, 2008
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A person or persons who want to smoke up without contributing, sometimes begrudgingly permitted to do so, often sidling up or suddenly appearing, particularly at parties when circles begin to form.
"Here come the cheeba hawks."
"You mind if I cheeba hawk off of yall?"

--as heard on Dilated Peoples disc, Expansion Team
by Starving Lazarus April 16, 2007
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