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Inspired by Steven Vogel, a term used in weight-training to describe the motion, or rather, lack of motion in the squat lift. Starting at an angle of 180 degree angle from feet to ass, the Vogel squatter proceeds to bend his knees to form a 177.2 degee angle in a spastic, nearly unnoticeable motion. The Vogel squatter also emits a loud yell to assure that everyone is watching his awful lift.
Loni-"Tim Riebe told me he squatted 460 lbs. yesterday."

Andy-"That kid has got balls in his asscrack... I guarantee he Vogel squatted it."-
by Stallis' Finest January 19, 2005

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Short for flamboyant. Origianted in times of angst from political correctness, it is used to differentiate which homosexuals are actually gaywads. You know, the fairy kind. One can also be a flam without actually partaking in any homsexual activities, but most experts agree that any flam would readily engage in said queer actions.
1)noun: Check out that flam heading into the Gap, he has a tattoo right over his asscrack. Yuck.
2)adj: You know why that guy has so many chick friends, because he's flamish. They dig the flamish ones because they're great shoppers.
by Stallis' Finest December 21, 2004

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