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Just for the record,all the people who say rap is retards attempting poetry are FUCKS and don't know shit.Rap is a large group of phrases spoken at a precise speed to a beat that takes a really long time.All the assholes who listened to a G-unit song for 2 minutes and said rap is bullshit are brain less retards,people like the members of G-unit rap about whores,pimps,guns,sex,drugs,gangs but thats not all there is to rap.All you fucks try writing 1 good rap song believe me you wont get far it takes hours to put together an ok song.So if you still think rap sucks ur probably a rich white kid who lsitens to classic rock or something

rich white kid: Rap sucks balls they all they do is talk shit about other people.
rap fantaic: Go fuck yourself bitch(shoots him in the head)
by Ssatn March 02, 2006
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