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The best school in Nashville, America, and probably the world. A lot of the people are extremely intellegent but are complete slackers, especially in the class of 08. Includes though some not so smart people who make commnents like "Wait, so you're saying that snowflakes reproduce?" Has many "Dady's little girl"'s who complain when they get an 89 on a test. Overall not very good at sports, but that doesn't really matter because the debate team could massacre Brentwood Academys' Football Team. Lots of Jews (also reffered to as JewSN). If the gamecube at school broke, half the school would break down crying. Not to mention the massive beat off obsession with World of Warcraft, especially in the class of 08. Use the words sip,probs, gaf, gafleton pie, squags, awk and chill frog because the student body think they are pretty cool.
USN (University School of Nashville)

"So, boobs pretty big?"



"Wait a minute... not everyone has at least 3 houses with maids in every one?"
by Squags November 23, 2006
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