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It sounds like the french word for River or Dream, but it is a name, preferably of a girl, though it can be used for a boy as well. It is not easily recognizable by most Generation X or older people. Most often it must be repeated and sometimes even spelled aloud for most to understand it. Many times, even after spelling it, the name will be guessed as Rieze. If you think saying "R-I-E-V as in Victor-E" will help, you're wrong. They will think you said Victory, and will spell the name Riev.

Then, it is often asked if it is short for anything or if it is a family name. Please do not feel obligated to respond accurately. Names you can pretend Rieve is short for include Rievalufagus, Rievington, Rieviangelo, and Rieviam. Feel free to also say that you were named after a family member, and continue to make up their story.
"Rieve has been rockin' on the guitar for 7 straight hours!" "If I have one more Rieve, you'll have to drive home."
by SpreadTheRieve September 09, 2011

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