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When a man ejaculates in a ziploc bag and shaves his pubic hair off while he has crabs. He put the pubic hairs in the bag and squezee the air out but not let the sperm come out. Throw the bag at someone and let it explode on thier window or face.
"Shut the fuck up dude or i'll crab bomb your ass"
by SpenceDaddy January 26, 2008
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When a guy ties a string around his nuts and puts the other end of the string in the girls vagina. She then reverse digest the string and then poops the end of the string out. the guy then takes the pooped out string and pulls hard (still having the string attached to his nuts) popping his nuts into the girl. "Pop a Nut"
Whoa shit man, i popped a nut, or "Pop A Nut" in your girlfriend last night, i really hope your not mad.
by SpenceDaddy February 14, 2008
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