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A denoobre (pronounced "Dee-NEW-bray") is a demerit credited to a franchisee who uses the BOSS intranet and improperly spells one or more words. Each misspelling or incorrectly used grammar equals one denoobre. At the end of the year, the Spelling Czar (appointed by the President) will report to the Home Office the results of findings throughout the prior year.

Those whose name(s) remains on the list at an arbitrarily determined cut-off point, will be eligible to receive a franchise-fee free month, including those ascribed to amounts sent in monthly for NAF (National Advertising Funds).

This system has been implemented on the private intranet systems used by various franchisers to improve the literacy of its owners.
Joe earned a pair of denoobres for posting something with respect to his business concern on his franchise intranet without regard to grammar or spelling rules: "Like I siad, she wasn't someone I'd do business with again."

Use of proper grammar and spelling would rewrite this sentence to read as follows: "As I said, she wasn't someone I'd do business with again."
by SpellingCzar4BOSS November 01, 2009

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