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a. The age group rivaling teenagers for being on the receiving end of the most ageism.
b. An age group often forced to go back to their parents after finishing college because try as they might, it is impossible to secure even a so-called entry-level job.
c. The age group most targeted by cops after teenagers with accusations of criminal activity.

d. The age group most royally screwed over by economy. Most graduates in this age group either have no job at all or are highly overqualified for their job/are underemployed.
e. The age group that is slowly coming to the realization that they will have to decide between attending school until their thirties and sitting at their parent's house.
f. A highly disillusioned age group that has learned the harsh fact that they will NOT have a lot of money or success, nor will they own a house or brand new car.

g. The age group frequently accused of having a strong sense of entitlement by anyone over 35.
40-something: That 26-year-old kid needs to lose the sense of entitlement and start acting like a young adult!

20-something: People need to start remembering the ADULT part of young adult! I'm not in high school anymore!
by SpeedyHobbit June 25, 2011

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1. The age range encompassing young adults.
2. The decade where while you are an adult and have to do the unpleasant responsibilities such as taxes and paperwork forced unto you by bureaucracies everywhere, you are not taken seriously.
3. The decade in which you feel both as old as a fossil one minute and fearfully young and lost the next.
4. The decade in which you suffer the dreaded quarterlife crisis.
5. The decade where you realize that contrary to what you thought in grade school when writing those "Where will you be in ten years?" papers, you will NOT be living in your very own new house with a brand-new car in the driveway, and you may not even be married or have children.
6. The age group frequently accused (generally unfairly and in response to any news articles about the high rate of unemployment among young adults) of being "entitled."
7. The age group most rivaling teens for being the targets of ageism.
1. Cranky middle-aged troll: I hate working with people in their twenties... they actually think they deserve a decent job.

2. Jessica: I'm not a in high school anymore, I'm in my twenties, so stop treating me like a child MOM.
3. Brittany: Ohgod... I'm twenty-seven and I really don't know what to do with my life... and my twenties are almost over. I'm so screwed.
4. James: I thought I had it bad in high school, but so far, the twenties really suck.
5. Brian: So much for having that mansion and Ferrari in my twenties... I have a MASTERS and I'm STILL stuck cashiering at Target.
6. Troll on a news article about how the unemployment of twenty-somethings is at a record high: THOSE POTHEAD HIPPIES KIDS IN THEIR TWENTIES ARE ENTITLED BRATS. They think they have problems? Wait until they leave Mommy and Daddy and have REAL problems.
7. Bitter middle-aged man- "They should make school compulsory for anyone in their twenties, then they won't have to whine about how there's no jobs for them because nobody is retiring."
by SpeedyHobbit March 09, 2012

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