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Basically it's a term used by annoying genshin impact fans or other people to make a reference to pussy or make an object, a male, a woman,etc sound like they have a pussy (male, object etc) or there genitalia ( woman)
Example :tableussy, fishussy, lamussy, tvussy, trophyussy, phoneussy

(Basically all the cringe stuff referencing -ussy)
by Speedlightrush tiktok April 23, 2022
amalia is a shy ,smart and often doesn't have a crush on anybody. that if you're lucky you can date her. She's a great bestie even though she talks when you want her to talk she's also romanian or Greek. She also has a phat ass
Person 1:Have you seen amalia?

Person 2:yeah why?

Person 1: she has a phat ass
by Speedlightrush tiktok August 26, 2021