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1. The point at which something/someone becomes Awesome. Can be used as a command, ie: "commence awesomation" meaning to start to be awesome or start to do something awesome.
The fight reached awesomation as Trogdor burninated the peasants and their thatched-roof cottages.
by Sparkolophogus November 26, 2003

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Catchphrase of the Legendary Fonz. Used to express feelings of self-satisfation, a greeting, a parting, a compliment on one's hairstyle, a description of a movie, a sign of affection, laughter, congratulation, can be used in place of almost any noun, adjective, verb, pronoun, adverb, conjunction...
1. "Eeyy!"
2. "Eeyy!"
3. "Eeyy!"
4. "Eeyy!"
by Sparkolophogus November 26, 2003

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1. How lazy skaters say "backside lipslide". I am one of those skaters (thats right, i still live at home)

2. A Mythical beast, said to be one half dragon, one half barbera streisand and one half someone who's bad at math. It is rumoured that this beast caused the exctintion of the Dinosaurs.
1. "Jesus Crisps, homie-X jus threw down a sick backlip on that there 6 million stair rail!"

by Sparkolophogus November 26, 2003

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To perform the chicken-run:
1. Get friend drunk/stoned.
2. Tie their hands in front of them.
3. Peel down their pants at the back just enough so their crack is showing.
4. Insert a small strip of toilet paper into the victim...i mean, friend's brown baby boy button.
5. Set fire to aforementioned TP and, since their hands are tied up so they cant reach back to put it out, they run around for a while like a chicken.
6. Watch and chuckle. Filming the ordeal is good blackmail.
"ok, when hotpopulardrunkchick passes out, we'll chickenrun her"
by Sparkolophogus November 26, 2003

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