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* Noun; one who is from the country, and who wants to keep it country. Oh, and you sure as hell ain't no redneck if you don't support the Rebel cause in the Civil War. Yes, some rednecks are white trash, but these rednecks are the smart ones, because they improvise with what they have. For instance, if they don't have a lot of money, and they want a pool, they steal one. Or, they get a looooot of duct tape and make a big ass circle with it.
Fred: Hey man, do you wanna go ter the fishin club ternite or tomorry, caws me and Georgina was gonna do sumfin ternite an I figgered I better clear all at up witch chu for I made plans wi' her.

Leon: Naw... at's fine. What chu and 'da little lady gots planned fer ternite?

Fred: We're gonna git her mustache shaved! It hadn't been dun in a while.

Leon: Oh...my wife got hers shave yesterdee! How bout dat!

*Jeff Foxworthy
*Larry the Cable Guy
*Bill Engvall
*Ron White

****These guys are from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but that term doesn't really fit in with the term redneck. I suppose they were being sarcastic...hmmm...
by Southern Belle: git r dun! June 23, 2006

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Noun; Person who is of high intelligence, and is regarded as one of the most important individuals that had any involvement with slang term lingo. Also, some of the most honorable, and trusting human beings to walk this earth. If ever you should meet another editor, you must bow and kiss their feet. (Just kiddin, ya'all!)
Oh...it feels almost mystical to be an Urban Dictionary Editor...! Poor peasants, never knowing the feel of ultimate power!

(wait...that was supposed to sound "Queen Mary-ish"... So when did I turn "Hitler"? Oh well!"

Smooches! <3
by Southern Belle: git r dun! June 18, 2006

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*A thing that teens use to vent. Written by unusually gifted people, nerds, goths, emos (although their poetry most always sucks), and of course, those poor, pathetic souls that think they have absolutely nothing to live for.

*Written in the form of whatever you feel like
How can I give an example of a poem? Okay...I'll try. Ahem.

I like poems.
They rule.
This poem sux ass.
But I'm really cool!

tee hee hee!

by Southern Belle: git r dun! June 23, 2006

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