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Funny Valentine is the 23rd President of the United States and the antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. Known for his charisma of a true politician and his ideals to the point you can think of him as the true hero of the part. Uses the iconic stand named after the AC/DC hit song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (aka D4C or Filthy Acts At A Reasonable Price if you would like the censored version). D4C has the ability of Dimensional Traveling when Funny is between two objects letting Funny use infinity versions of himself to finish his acts and as a last resort option when a version of him takes fatal damage. D4C offensive ability consists of taking two of the same people/objects from different dimensions, let them make contact and this results in disintegration of the people/objects. Funny Valentine/D4C also gain another ability at the end of the part known as Love Trains which creates a pocket dimension around Funny so Funny cannot take any type of damage and bad luck literally will go away from him to another person at will/random.
X: Funny Valentine is the best villain

X: "Would make America Great in the first place if it wasn't for a crippled man."
Y: "Yeah, he did nothing wrong man"
by Sospicion July 24, 2019
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