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Typically a young person (high school-college age) with a socially awkward personality, high intelligence and a strong interest in many offbeat topics and media.

To give you an idea of their awesomeness, they have managed to achieve many wonderful things. Most noteworthy being, raising money and awareness for many charities during the Vlogbrothers annual “Project for Awesome”, raising $10,000 for the This Star Won’t Go Out campaign (a cancer benefit fund), and lending over $1,750,000 to entrepreneurs in developing countries on Kiva.

However, they do not describe these achievements as “doing something good” or “being a nice person” like a boring person would. Instead they employ their quirky, inventive and highly amusing catchphrases, like “decreasing world suck” and being “made of awesome”.

Ultimately they are terrific people, who always strive to do good in the world and go about it in the most unique, brilliant, memorable manner you will ever have the fortune to witness.
Ordinary person: So what's a nerdfighter, and how can I become one?
Nerdfighter: A nerdfighter is a person who never forgets to be awesome and helps to get rid of all the suck in the world. It helps if you watch videos on the vlogbrothers YouTube channel, but chances are, if you want to be a nerdfighter, you probably are one.
Newfound nerdfighter: Fantastic!
by SortingHatsAreCool January 19, 2013

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