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A hard-core dude or chick that worships Avenged Sevenfold && wears ALOT of a7x merch.They usually skate,play the drums/sing/play the guitar/bass,stay home or go to the mall & makeout with their death-bat bf or gf.The most common hair color is black,brown,purple or green.They don't care what people think or say about them and if you try to fight one you'll get your ass kicked by that one single handedly or by their crew of death-bat bitches.To greet a member of their crew they do a upside down peace sign,in the form of an 'A'] point that 'A' so it goes sideways,& then crosses the fingers in an x form.Usually,a death-bat bitch crew has 5 members with the last names "Plague,Shadows,Gates,Vengeance,and Christ"and a middle name usually repersenting one of the seven deadly sins.They are total BAMFs and kick ass
Sophie:*greets*Sup Sabrina Vanity Shadows!Lets go to the mall and find our other death-bat bitches!

Sabrina:*greets*Nothin' much Sophie Deceitful Plague!sure!after I make-out with Billy Malice Gates,he is my loverrface!

Sophie: Ohhh....kk peace out death-bat bitch!
by Sophiedeceitfulplague February 13, 2007
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