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A country that helps its neighbors, although some Canadians are douchbags and hate on the USA. Canada wouldn't have gotten far if it wasnt USA's neighbor, becuase if it was in Europe thier asses would have gotten Imperialized. The USA is the North America, many think of it as an imperializer, which may be true, but so are all the Europeans and you dont see anyone rubbing it on thier face. Above all we got the BEST COLLEGES IN THE WORLD, even though people call us stupid becuase of a President. Those who think that are dead wrong! In this country we have tons of intelligent people, hence why we are doing so well, also we got most Europe free from being taken over by Germany in WWII, if not I wouldn't want to know what would've happened to Britain or Russia if we didnt get thier in time. France admired us after we freed them, but all thats change after one President, I'm pretty sure saving them from being Germany is better reason to like us.
Bob: Many think the United States of America are stuck-up!

Billy: Well we have to defend ourselfs from ridiculous criticism
by Sonstitution September 15, 2009
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