1 definition by Someonewhowillbebyyourside

A peson who is/used to be your friend. You usually meet him in 1st grade and you become best friends. Everything was fine for years. There were fights that felt like that will be the end for the friendship. But after some time everything is back to normal. Likes to tell jokes about other people. Usually the jokes sound like insults, but you know that it wansn't meant to be an insult. Basically the best friend you could ever had.
You are the best Gregors. Noone could be better than you. Even if we had fights we were still friends. Aad that it has to end like this. Hopefully that this was meant as a sick hoke and that it will end. But untill now. Have fun and i will bever forget our friendship
by Someonewhowillbebyyourside March 31, 2017
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