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She is typically an absolutely beautiful girl. She is a bit of a hippie, and she's the coolest, most gorgeous person you will ever meet. They don't think that they're that great, but they really are. They can make you crack up no matter what mood you're in. Maddies are the best people.
Guy 1: Damn, I wish I was friends with Maddie.
Guy 2: She's the BOMB. I fucking love her, bruh.
by SomeoneSomewhereSomehow November 27, 2014

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A shy, quiet boy. He spends a lot of time reading. Incredibly handsome, possibly one of the most attractive people you'll ever meet.
Girl: That cute guy is always reading...

Girl 2: I know, right? He's such a Tane.
by SomeoneSomewhereSomehow November 03, 2013

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