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Cory Allan Michael Monteith (born May 11, 1982) is one of the best actors on Glee according to critics. He's also a very good singer even if he might not be the best dancer.

He's pretty goofy and makes a lot of dumb jokes but he's the sweetest according to his friends and people who work with him.
He's canadian and proud of it and also the 11th sexiest man of 2012 (in a list with 100 men). Moreover he's someone who has proved to be extremely wise and intelligent in his words especially about his difficult youth.

It's pretty difficult to miss him in the streets as he is 6'3 and "makes people feel like woodland creatures".

Cory's first love is music and especially the drums that he plays very well. He's actually the drumer in the indie rock band called Bonnie Dune.

You may have also seen him in Kyle XY, Smallville, in the movies Monte Carlo or Sisters & Brothers and many more but he's of course mainly known for his role as Finn Hudson on Glee.

If it isn't clear enough Cory Monteith is perfect and makes thousands of girls swoon everyday on social networks such as Twitter for example.
Cory Monteith is so sexy !
by Someone who likes Glee April 15, 2013
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