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Most people say the state Ohio fucking sucks, but honestly its not as bad as you think. Yes we have the most un-predictable weather humanly possible, but we're not all rednecks, and we're not all unintelligent. There may be a few idiots in Ohio, but thats not the entire population. Also, if you ever visit Ohio, DO NOT GO TO MANSFIELD. It has as many drug dealers as Detroit. And I am in no way trying to say that Detriot is a bad city, I'm just stating a fact. And not all of us think Michigan sucks. Personally, I like Michigan and I have lived in Ohio all of my life. And yes we have horrible drivers. Suprisingly thats one of the only bad things that Mansfield does not have for the most part. Also if you're in Mansfield DO NOT go down Adams St. part about 8 pm. It is extremely dangerous. If you do roll up your windows, lock the doors, and watch around you very carefully if you don't want to be shot. And if you see someone, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT OR EVEN LOOK IN THEIR DIRECTION. IT IS A DEATH WISH.
In Ohio it can be raining at noon, sunny at 1, and then at 2 there will be a severe thunderstorm outside, and by 3 its sunny again.
by Someone from Ohio August 10, 2011
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