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American Indian Science and Engineering Society, an organization promoting Indians (Native Americans) in Science and Engineering fields or so we think. Never mind the organization's staff is not Science or Engineering graduates but rather other degrees such as economics, business, community development, etc. One would think who better to help the young and up coming science and engineering Indian candidates like actual scientist and engineers; who know first hand the challenges of getting to where they are in their respective science and engineering fields, but no AISES' current staff are not scientist or engineers. Strange how AISES' Board of Directors allows this. Instead we have people outside the science and engineering fields promoting subjects they themselves are not knowledgeable about. I am sure they mean well but not being of academic fields they're promoting is sort of short changing those who they are met to be helping and encouraging. But alas, this is the AISES of today. The staff is more into their big nat'l conference than being what they preach - scientist and engineers.
Person 1: Kno anything about AISES?
Person 2: They do that big NDN conference thingy.
Person 1: Yeah, scientist and engineers but non of their staff are these.
Person 2: That's WEAK!
by Someone Ondanet November 6, 2007
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