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Reggaeton is the combonation between latin hip-hop and jamaican reggae, and thats where it gets its name from because its sounded more like reggae then hip-hop back then when it first started. After reggaeton became more popular in Panama and Puerto Rico it started to take its own sound and a comonly used base line called "Dembow" took place. After dembow started Reggaeton producers and artist started intergrating different hispanic genres into reggaeton such as Salsa Merrengue bachata ect....Reggae and Reggaeton now sound in no way alike. Reggaeton like in every genre has its mixture of singers and rappers, and the topics that they sing and rap about are like every other genre.

It is now being targeted by every one as vulgar and "trash" because like Rap, Rock, when it first started, is the hot new genre that the younge people listen to and related to.

The only difference between Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Rock, Salsa and every other genre is the type of rythem and beat it has, Because they all have singers and rappers and some genres even have people who just scream out words that rhyme. Every genre has songs degrating women, every genre has songs about money, sex, drugs, life ect.....
Sex related songs:
Reggaeton: "Noche De Sexo" (Night of Sex) by Wisin y Yandel ft. Aventura

Hip-Hop: "Lollipop" by 50 Cent & Lil Kim

Rock: "Lets put the x in sex" by Kiss

Derogatory to Women:

Reggaeton: "Guata Gata" by Guatauba ft Plan B

Hip-Hop: "Shake That Ass" by Mystical

Rock: "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones
by Someguy856 December 22, 2008
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