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A really fucked up and thin individual who relies on crack to survive, his physical appearance is that of a bunch of dry tree branches glued together and dressed in a bag of potatoes. Most of the time you will encounter these exotic species of zombies doing what they do most of the time, filling their asses with crack cocaine. They are easily distinguishable from the public, some of their most obvious characteristics include:

-Arms and legs as thin as needles

-Fucked up and dirty rags, sometimes not dressed at all
-Being either unconscious or dead on the streets
-The most obvious of them, the smell of crack, which can be felt about a mile away
Crackhead: "rambling random bullshit at his pet rock"
Random dude passing by: ...
by Some fucker took my name July 02, 2019

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The word whore can either refer to

1) a ho that burns her asshole with dicks all night for money

2) a little bitch who dates twenty different guys, tries to ride somebody's dick every 10 to 15 minutes and dresses up with clothes with about 1% fabric and 99% air

3) a woman with zero self worth who tries to dress up like the second definition above and suck as much cock as she can so she can attract attention

4) the final stage of a little bitch, which cannot live outside of a really bad sperm dependency, cant even see a man without feeling the unstable urge to suck his dick and is only capable of having chats and befriending other final-staged bitches

The thinking of any grade A whore is that of a man not wanting to have sex or having no interest at all of getting all kinds of STDs by touching with the tip of his dick onto the whore's vagina means he is gay
1)ho: hey sweet, want a little of fun? For 150 dollars I'm all yours for 1 hour and a half!
guy 1: hell no bitch, I'm married.
ho: yeah, gay boy.

2)guy 1:hey, borrow me a pencil?
Whore: here you go, you're single, right?
guy 1: no, I have a g-
Whore: gay piece of shit...

3) Whore 1: hey, look at my new clothes .
Friend: woah, nice bra girl.
Whore1: it's not a bra...

4)guy 1: hey, borrow me a pencil?
Whore: let's fuck
by Some fucker took my name July 02, 2019

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The apparently dead website you're viewing this.

All the definitions here are from 2003-2010, when it was on it's peak, now the people using this site nowadays are me and other people who met this site way too late.

About 80% of the definitions contain sex, and 95% contain a shitload of swearwords,
guy 1: i don't know what a creampie is, gotta search on Urban Dictionary.
guy 1: huh? an actual non sexual definition on Urban Dictionary? right...
by Some fucker took my name July 03, 2019

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Not to be confused with his non-acephalic counterpart, the Feminists, which fight for equal rights and against woman discrimination and harassment, the Feminazi fight against men and logic.

Being allergic to males(sometimes not only on the human race), the feminazis are really, and i mean, REALLY hairy, sick, fat and inconceivably dumb irrational bitches, who, i'll say it again, will hate on any lifeform of the male gender and discriminate both men and the ability of using their highly underdeveloped brain for anything but flock with more feminazis to hate on males, being compared and generalized alongside these bitches is considered a really bad offense to most Feminists.

The average IQ of feminazis is about they lack any rational and logic abilities and will hate and irrationally offend anyone with either a functional brain, or has a damaged mind just like them, but possess enough brain to see how ridiculous they are, right now i'm going though a high risk of getting spammed to death by angry feminazis, but let's continue

they usually attack in groups of 2 to 4, targeting random men that accidentally look at their really hairy armpits or some bullshit like that, which on a feminazi's damaged, sometimes nonexistent brain, is considered as rape, along with literally anything a man does, directed to her or not, this include taking a penny from the ground near one of them.

These individuals also worsen the image of feminists, and make them look as repulsive as feminazis
random male: *cough cough*


feminist: '-' .-.
by Some fucker took my name July 03, 2019

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