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The fear of having your work/design be for nothing, on the CAD program of your choice, because the project manager had a fucking epiphany and decided that what you were designing was either wrong or unnecessary relevant to the new design.
-Hey Ata, are you... ok? You haven't been around for 5 days and you look very traumatized. Is it CADaphobia again buddy?

-*Shaking* Everything... is gone. Every single fucking thing I designed is gone because apparently "We already had the design drawn

-It's alright buddy, let's get some coffee in you

by Soldier_1058 March 02, 2021
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The continuous fear concerning the SOLIDWORKS CAD program. Although there are many factors that may contribute to solidaphobia, the main concern for many people is being told to begin a design and to spend significant time on said design only for the person who told you that you needed to design the damn thing that you no didn't have to in the first place or that your design was completely wrong because the specifications changed.
B-Hey Ata you what are you doing?

Ata-Nothing much, just finishing up on that part you wanted on Solid.

B-Oh ok nice. Btw we rescaled it so you have to change the dimensions and we no longer will use aluminum we want to use polycarbonate.

Ata-But... but you told me to-

B-So if you don't have any questions have that done by this Thursday please and thanks!

Ata-You are the only fucking reason I have solidaphobia. I'll go and cry now.
by Soldier_1058 February 18, 2021
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A person (most of the time female) who is thicc af
Damn dawg Tammy hella thicc
by Soldier_1058 October 22, 2017
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