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One who often knows what there doing is wrong, but simply dosent care. Generally Sociopaths have very High IQ's and due to this dont see many other people as equals. Lack of conscience. A lot of Murders, Billionaires, and Dictators have been considered Sociopaths.

Scared your a sociopath?

Ask yourself these questions. If you find yourself saying yes to a lot of them your probably a sociopath.

-Lots of people find you funny or charming, but they don't really know you. Once they get to, they turn away.

-Very Few people actually know the real "YOU"

-You sometimes enjoy people cry

-You are known for racist remarks yet dont consider yourself racist

-You break laws (even big ones).

- Lots of people who like you, let very few true freinds.

-You don't have a problem lying to get what you want.

-When you say you're sorry, you usually don't mean it.

-You have a love / hate relationship with your parents.

-You don't like to joke about yourself - or when people
joke about you.

-You've lied to people just to see if you could get away with it.

-You have a high IQ yet dont do as well as you could do in school.

-You often act before you think about the consequences.

-You got in trouble a lot when you were a kid.

-Others accuse you of being secretive or shady.

-It's hard for you to be loyal.

-You don't think in terms of "right" and "wrong."

-You have been cruel to animals.

-It's hard for you to empathize with people's problems.

-You don't really have any plans or structure in your life.

-You break people's trust

-You are a pyromaniac.

-You have at least one strange, overwhelming phobia.

-You are very good at manipulating people and situations.

-You are almost always bored.

-You have cheated a lot on past partners.

-You see people as your pawns.

-Your relationships tend to be short. At first people love you, and later on they hate you.

-You have trouble holding down a steady job.

-You have been addicted to drugs, alcohol, or sex.

-You've stolen stuff from close freinds.

-You've made up stories to get empathy.
Mike lies a lot to get ahead. He says things he knows will cut to the bone, yet dosent care. We used to think he was cool. Now we know hes probably a sociopath.
by SocioKiller July 26, 2007
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