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A dumb bitch, normally fat, lazy, worthless, young, and trashy, that continuously has kids on Medicaid and other public assistance programs despite the fact that she can't afford to take care of them. The nasty chick is typically dirty, unemployed, uneducated, and generally just a skanky whore. Her kids almost never have the same dad. Best of all, she is either proud of being on welfare or believes she is entitled to it simply because it exists. She spends 90% of her time on MySpace or Facebook instead of going out and getting birth control or taking care of her kids.
1: "My sister in law is pregnant.... again"
2: "God, doesn't she have like 5 kids? How does she pay for it?"
1: "Oh you know, she's a Medicaid Mom"
whore white trash welfare skank baby momma unemployed
by SoHateful August 04, 2010

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A breeder slut is a nasty skank that can't seem to figure out how to join the 21st century and use forms of birth control, so she keeps having unplanned kids. The kids don't have the same fathers and the dads are never in the kids' lives, but that doesn't stop the breeder slut. She thinks that condoms "don't feel good" and has no problem using welfare to support her countless bastard kids. Breeder sluts are mostly fat, gross, and would rather ride a dick than get a job.
Amber's on baby number 5.. by the 4th baby daddy... I swear that bitch is such a breeder slut.
by SoHateful August 04, 2010

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