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Ray William Johnson is an entertainer who sprung into fame in 2009 when he started reviewing viral videos on Youtube. His show is entitled =3 (Equals Three). In each episode he reviews three videos adding his witty commentary to each one. He is known for his sarcastic remarks and phrases such as: "Fake and Gay" and "Squaids (or Squirrel Aids)". He's used "troll" and portrays one in some of his videos. Ray also is known for his "Doin you mom" and "buttsecks" jokes. All these things have spread and become more common among the internet using community. In each video users may send a video response and it could be picked as Ray's Comment Question of the Day. Anyone is welcome to comment with an answer and 5 answers will be chosen by Ray and featured in his next video. He currently uploads his Equals Three videos usually every Monday and Thursday.
Ray also has an alternate "vlogging" channel, called BreakingNYC. In that channel, Ray record parts of his daily life.
Ray was in a group: FattySpins, in which he and the other members put together catchy songs with a comedic edge. Most popular: Doin' Your Mom.
Ray lives in New York, and attends college.
Ray William Johnson is a very talented, very busy (seemingly), very funny dude who is on his way to bigger and better things. I expect to see him on TV soon.
Mike: "What happened to Youtube?"

Phil: "Ray William Johnson AKA pure awesomeness."

Mike: "Huh?"

Phil: "Well, you have to admit he DOES have more talent than most of these so-called "stars" today."

Mike: "True. But he's not stupid, he's actually entertaining, his show is stimulating, and I don't feel completely retarded after watching his videos. That's not like the other Youtubers!"

Phil: "Umm....Exactly."

Mike: "Two camels in a tiny car!"
by SoFlyAway August 23, 2010
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