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Noun: A nondescript thing, or a thing whose name cannot be immediately recalled.

Verb: Generally offensive synonym for go, can be used with various prepositions to provide directional information

Adjective: Both positive and negative, generally used to describe nondescript things, possibly with the intention to confuse. Often interchangeable with the noun, see examples snazz Also interchangeable with snazzy

Freddie - Manuel you need to pick that bit of snazz out of your nose.
Manuel - Thanks mate, I have no idea how that got there


B-J - What's your snazz?
Manuel - Not much, there's slim snazz going on in town today.


Steve - Hey, what's that?
B-J - Oooh, that's jazz.
Steve - And that?
B-J - That's snazz!


Freddie - Snazz off B-J.
(B-J fucks off)


Manuel - I'm going to snazz in to town, anyone coming?
Everyone - Snazz off Manuel.
by Snazzer123 November 20, 2011
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