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Possibly the worst "techno" artist out there. Cascada is not techno however is euro-trance, also known as cheese trance, because of the use of recycled loops. Everytime We Touch is not the biggest songs of 2006, that's because it was already made in 1992 by Maggie Reilly. Everytime We Touch is nothing spectacular because it's just a bunch of recycled junk. She did not write it, however just "remade" it for all those pre-teens squirming for attention who just don't know the difference between real "techno" and Cascada. Unforunately, she continues to recycle old tunes like never before and continues to become one of the most infamous groups to degrade the sound of electronic dance music.

Let me restate the definition of techno:

Techno: A word describing a genre of electronic music that sprung up in detroit and europe around the same time (early 80's). Was (and Is) characterized by a 4/4 drum kick beat (varies), mechanicalistic effects and drum patterns from drum machines and synths, occaisional bassline, melody of various kinds, and a repititive feel.

Please, those of you who do use the word techno for everything electronic--don't. (credit to psytrancer)

And for the record, Cascada is not the best techno artist, they do not fit under the techno category, you dolt.
Ignorant person: Cascada is the BEST techno artist ever!
Smart person: Cascada blows.
by Snak3st May 19, 2006
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