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The word originally derives from the first letter of each of the following words;
Council House And Violence.
And is frequently used, to explain males of the young, middle-aged and the elderly riff raff types (chavs), that are up to no good and have unfortunately over-populated England. Making England go downhill and making it a very dangerous and depressing place to live.

These animals (the chavs) take great pleasure in making everybody's lives a misery and are only ever intimidating when they hang around in groups / gangs of anything from 3-50 people.
Individually, they are cowards.

They are happy to remain unemployed and to scrounge as much money as they can off of government benefits and people.
They also like to smoke dope, sniff glue, get drunk and to get their girlfriends pregnant, as much as possible. It's like a hobby to them.
They also have to remain as the most negative role-model to their kids, in the hope that he or she will turn out like him (the parent). the chav(s) in the U.K actually believe that behaving as a bad role-model is fun they feel that it is the way forward in life for themselves and for their kids.
They also like to attack elderly people who are pretty much defenseless people and are easy targets for the chavs to getting some quick money, for their drug / booze fix.
As of course the chav will do everything within their power to avoid getting a real job.
Chavs can be found on most street corners within the U.K, wearing sportswear such as; tracksuit tops and bottoms. Also white trainers and Burberry / Fred Perry polo shirts. Normally a typical stripey design to their shirt is the most favoured. The same goes for their sweaters / jumpers, which are also stripey, (almost like that of Dennis The Menace, - the cartoon character). Oh yes, the shirt is almost always tucked upwards for some very strange reason, looking very much like Elvis Presley.
They also like to wear fake jewelery around their necks and they have a very strange tedency to tucking their socks outwards and over their tracksuit bottoms, so that the sock is showing on the outside and is completely visible to the public. And they also have the most obvious commoners fashion accesory / item ='s the baseball cap.
Normally with the Burberry styled; Rupert The Bear type of design to it.
I don't know if they wear these baseball caps with the hope and belief, that one day the baseball cap will give them extra braincells? As I cannot think of why they would need to wear a baseball cap if they do not play baseball?
by Smooth2 April 17, 2009
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