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-Regarding yourself as better than everyone else, with intent of seeming greater, without actually saying it.
-Implying you have done something long before anyone else even thought of doing it.
-Riding a motorcycle in scrubs and not getting any dirt on them.
-Working 18 different jobs including but not limited to a doctor, a mechanic, a veternarian, and astronaut before the age of 18 (With no proof)
Me: Man im stoked we are getting paid today its the 15th!
Hanson: Yeah well, i get paid 1 and a half hours before everyone else.
Everyone: ZOMG WTF!! How do you get paid 1.5 hours before everyone else, how is that even fucking possible?!!?!?!?!?
Me: Dude, your a fucking one upper.
Hanson: You are all just jealous!
by Smeew March 19, 2007

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