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1 A slimy insect lava that can be used to treat injuries.

2 A slimy disgusting child with a low IQ who constantly whines that Slipknot are the best band in the world.

There are 3 types of Slipknot maggots

1. Schoolyard maggot - Frequently seen in schools smoking round the back of the building, makes rude comments to anyone who doesn't share there opinion on the best band in the world (Slipknot) Usually miss lessons because "were hard" or "school sucks dick" Out of school the maggot will take the guise of a hobo asking passers by if they have a cigarette and/or spare change.

2. Internet maggot - These maggots are possibly the most annoying. Since they missed so much school and so many English lessons (as they were smoking there life away) the maggot is reduced to spelling "spelin" really wrong and making them look completely stupid. Most conversations with them will leave you doubting humanity. Also again if you don't think slipknot are the greatest band in the universe you will be dissed. But it will make you laugh more than upset you.
"u dunt lik SliPkNot ur fuckin gay"

3. The exception - Although there aren’t many maggots like this to speak of, but some can be quite smart. These ones tend to be fans of other bands as well (disscluding rap/rock) they can spell, they don't ask for money and if you don't like Slipknot they either give a good solid debate about how slipknot are a good band, or they don't care and accept the fact that everyone has different opinions on music. Unfortunately after talking to one of these you will more than likely bump into 10 others who are stupid thus once again giving you a deep hatred of the band Slipknot, and all there goth wannabe fans.
me: Slipknot really aren't that great, they have some ok songs but there really are way better bands out there.

typical maggot: ur a dik go n screw ur dad

me: what will this act achieve?

typical maggot: fuck u I screwd ur s1ster la5t nite.

me: All I'm saying is I don't think Slipknot are the best band in the world.

typical maggot: who r betr then?

me: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Cannibal corpse

typical maggot: u fag thats gay sh1t
by Smash the corporation November 12, 2004

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The channel that destroyed metal and made it into cheap rap. The only thing that is played now is talentless hip hop and/or pop.
The heavyest thing on MTV now is Slipknot. I think I'm going to change the channel.
by Smash the corporation November 12, 2004

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Main character of Devil may cry one of Capcoms greatest action/adventure games. Created by the genius minds behind the Resident Evil quintology and Dino Crisis 1/2. Dante was a dark and yet charming character who's past was shrouded in mystery. His character had so much potential but unfortunately was transformed into a boring moody git in the sequel, which was written and produced by complete morons. I don't have high hopes for the third installment which is in fact a prequel.
Devil may cry 2 was pathetic. They spent so much time on Dante's special moves and how the game looked, that they forgot about the character. Dante is now a mere shell of his former self. A boring, unfeeling, statue of pixels.

Capcom...what has become of you.
by Smash the corporation November 12, 2004

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