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Spanish - South America
The place where you will find the highest per-capita number of Foreigners or Americans. This is often overpriced and remarkably well-lit. I would avoid staying there too long as you are basically in the US.
-Fuiste a la Plaza Foch?

-No, no pude ir y me da igual porque prefiero ir a las zonas menos turísticas que a gringolandia.

-Sí recién hay ful gringos allí, ¿Me cachas?

Y los manes siempre llevan bermudas ¿y eso?
by Smadaeforp April 12, 2022
This word is reserved for your Spanish instructor if you are attending a school in the U.S. Use this word to any teacher of Spanish and remember that Profesor does not mean the same thing as Professor. Profesor - teacher vs Professor - Teacher with a Ph.D. or exclusive to higher education. You will find that most Profe/Profa (s) readily play Spanish music, love a Dad joke, overuse 3 Spanish/Latino celebrities (usually Antonio Banderas, Selma Hayek, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gloria Trevi, Jennifer Lopez, and Eva Longoria) and have little to no fashion sense but are all around less nerdy than Math teachers and not as cool as Art teachers.
My Profe surprised us with a pop-quiz today on the flags of the Spanish-Speaking Countries. I hope that Profe Milne wears that jumpsuit to class today.
by Smadaeforp April 11, 2022
In Ecuador - Any person of foreign and or non-domestic birth or characteristics regardless of their nationality.

Rest of the word - Slang for an English-speaking U.S. (often Canadian) citizen in a Spanish-speaking country. It is less offensive than words like cr@cker but still implies a slight lack of respect or at least a lightly humorous vent. Not used in any legal sense.
Ecuador - --"Mira la gringa esa" --"No soy nada de gringa, soy de Barcelona" --"¿Y?" Look at that Gringa" --"I'm not a gringa, I am from Barcelona." --"So what?"
Rest of the word - --"¿Eres gringo?" --"¡Sí soy puro gringo! Soy de Carolina del Norte." "Are you a Gringo? "-- "Yup, 100%! I'm from North Cakilacky"
by Smadaeforp April 11, 2022